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    Flex builder 2 Toolbar

      This may seem really simple to most.... But how do I put the undo icon on the toolbar in flexbuilder 2 (if possible)?

      I've looked everywhere and can't find an option to do so.
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          mike_morearty Level 1
          Hmm, I don't think it can be done easily :-( The support provided by Eclipse (and therefore Flex Builder) to modify the toolbars is under Window > Perspective > Customize Perspective (then click the Commands tab) -- but it is not fine-grained control on the level of adding any individual command; instead, there are "command groups." You can add or remove entire command groups. I just looked, and I don't see one with Undo on it.

          It can be done by writing an Eclipse/FlexBuilder plugin, but that's a non-trivial task...