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    Keeping "state" with many movie clips

      In one frame (Frame A), I've dynamically attached many movie clips for a tile-based game. This happens in the init function of that frame. If I move to another frame (Frame B) temporarily (to display something else), it looks like I need to remove or unload all of the movie clips so that they don't show up on Frame B. Is that the only way to not have them show? The problem is that when I return to Frame A, I would like it to have the same state (positions of objects, etc.) as when I left it. What is the best way to accomplish this?

      As an alternative, I suppose I could draw something on top of the screen (higher z order) and mask what is below and then remove what was draw on top when I'm finished with it. I would prefer to figure out a way to accomplish it the first way, though, because I can use this for other things as well.

      Does anyone have any advice on this?