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    How do I stop dynamiclinkmediaserver from starting?


      I am running LR5.6 on Win8.1 (surface pro 3). Everytime I import photos, dynamiclinkmediaserver launches. It remains active hogging up CPU resource (25-30%) even after I have closed LR. I don't work with videos, so how do I disable this?

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          dynamiclinkmediaserver renders the video previews for you library. It does so for all videos even if you imported them a long time ago. If you want to deactivate the dynamiclinkmediaserver  you can rename the executeable dynamiclinkmediaserver.exe in "%programfiles%\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.6\Support\DynamicLinkMediaServer\dynamiclinkmediaserver\1.0". LR still works. Prerenderd video previews are displayed. Video is not displayed. Change between video playback and library must be done using "g" (or grid view icon).