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    Suppport GTX 980




      after the release of the GTX 980 graphicsadapter, I checked if Adobe has certified this Card. I have not found anything about it. Is Adobe going to certifie it?


      Thank you in advance.




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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform for bugs or feature requests


          Adobe does not generally comment on advance plans

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            MediaPioneers Level 1

            OK, that is what I expected as answer.


            Does anybody know, if I change my two GTX 760 4GB RAM SLI into two GTX 780, that I am able to edit with three FullHD Displays and one 4K Display attached to one graphicsadapter.


            With GTX 760 the 4K videos do not play very fluent in Premiere Pro CC 2014.


            My Setup:

            AMD FX CPU eight Core 3,6 Ghz

            32 GB RAM

            500GB SSD Systemdrive

            20TB HDD (2x 4TB, 8x 2TB)

            2x GTX 760 (each 4GB RAM) SLI

            3x FullHD Displays

            1x 4K Display


            I had already contact with NVIDIA. They told me it should work.


            I hope someone had the same issue



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              RjL190365 Level 4

              Guess what? Your system's AMD CPU is partly to blame here. You see, although the AMD FX CPUs technically support the SSE 4.2 instruction set in hardware, it is poorly implemented in the AMD CPUs. As a result, even the fastest AMD 8-core CPUs performs slower in Premiere than even a mediocre-speed Intel quad-core i5 CPU which lacks hyperthreading.


              Another factor is that the motherboard core logic chipsets that are used with the AMD CPUs deliver relatively poor performance when it comes to real-world throughput in the PCIe and SATA buses. In fact, based on the few PPBM6/7 results for AMD CPU-based systems, their MPEG-2 DVD and disk I/O scores are significantly slower than their Intel CPU-based contemporaries.

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                MediaPioneers Level 1

                Thanks a lot for your answer. I did not took a look on the I/O behavior of the AMD CPU and chipsets. That's hard.


                So have to look for an Intel Mainboard paired with an Intel CPU.


                That means work. OK. That's way it is.


                Have a great day.