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    how to select forward layer with keyboard on a non-us keyboard


      When I want/need to make an action I need to be able to select a layer without being specific, cant choose them directly then the actions stops when something is missing or got a wrong name. The keyboard shortcut to choose forward layer is shift-alt-(one of the brackets), and there is the problem. With a non-us keyboard I got (Å) and (¨) where the bracket keys are on a us keyboard. I tought I could change it in edit keyboard shortcuts but this shortcut is not listed anywhere in the menus; select forward layer/select backward layer.

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          I don't know which keyboard you have also do not know how shortcut map between keyboards.. However I can tell you how to record the action step using the mouse instead of the keyboard if you have and action the that the step you want to record into the action being recorded.


          Click the stop record button.  Highlight the step you want in that action is the working action hold the Alt key and drag the step into the action you were recording tpo where you want that step to be. The will copy the step into the action. Highlight where you want to add steps and click the record button and continue recording the action..


          This like may help I don't know keyboard charts


          Crafting Actions Package UPDATED Aug 10, 2014 Added Conditional Action steps to Action Palette Tips.


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            I struggled way too long with this issue, took me waay too long to find an easy straight-forward solution. There seems to be no good explanation about this online... So I created an account just to comment this. I know this is an old thread, but I hope it reply helps someone out.


            So here's how to do it quite easily:


            Step 1: Download this .atn file: http://efshare.com/?s=3HJ7

            Step 2: Open the file in Photoshop and view it in actions (Window-Actions).

            Step 3: Double click Forward (or Backward) to set keyboard shortcut (Function key). Done.


            If the download link looks too suspicious, you can find out how to create a file with hex code (https://hexed.it/ works), rename the file as "Selects.atn" and do the step 2 and 3. Here's the file contents (delete the whitespace characters):

            000000100000000e004c0061007900650072002000730065006c00650063007400730000010000000200000000 0000000000080046006f007200770061007200640000010000000100010002544558540000000673656c656374 0000000653656c656374ffffffff0000000700530065006c006500630074000000000000736c63740000000200 0000006e756c6c6f626a2000000001456e6d72000000010000000000004c797220000000004f72646e00000000 46727772000000004d6b5673626f6f6c0000000000000000000009004200610063006b00770061007200640000 010000000100010002544558540000000673656c6563740000000653656c656374ffffffff0000000700530065 006c006500630074000000000000736c637400000002000000006e756c6c6f626a2000000001456e6d72000000 010000000000004c797220000000004f72646e0000000042636b77000000004d6b5673626f6f6c00