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    Selection tool not working properly


      As I am dragging the tool it is selecting as it should but as soon as I stop dragging the area I was trying to select has a bunch of random sections which are no longer selected.  When I then try to add to the selection, it simply changes which sections are selected and not selected.  I cannot get it to just select as I want it to. 


      Therefor, when I select via layer I end up with this.

      Please help.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Your using the quick selection tool in add mode with a large brush size and who knows what other brush settings.  Try reducing the brush size and play with the other brush setting too. Look at the black dash outline your selection compared to the one on her forehead made using a smaller brush. However even with a 25% space 96 px brush I have no problem selecting the background. Try resetting your preferences.




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            laz4147 Level 1

            Thank you so much changing brush size and spacing worked wonders.  Not sure why I could not get it to work with the settings I had but I really appreciate you assistance.