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    How do I search and work in the map module without losing my selection


      I'm going through my old photographs that predate geotracking and adding my best guess as to their locations via the  map module but I'm getting frustrated.


      My biggest angst is the selections.  In the library module, I look around and find a set of photographs that were taken at the same place and I select them.  I then go to the map module and move found, sometimes search, for the place where the photographs were taken.  Now, I go back to drop the selection into the map and ... OH NO!!! .. there is no selection.  Double angst is I click back in Library and I'm scrolled all the way to the start of my group of photographs.


      Deselecting the photos is the biggest UI mistake that Lightroom is making in this sequence.  I'm wondering if there is something that I can do to either prevent it or perhaps have a second method of a quick temporary group of photographs.


      The other related question I have is if anyone has a suggestion of how to mark these photos as the type of GPS information.  e.g. it could come from the camera, it could come via a track log, or it could be just my best guess.  Perhaps that is already possible to determine.