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    Shine V1.6.2 or 2D/3D issue?! 3D-Sphere ..

    SubUrb Level 1

      Hi folks ... I'm recently working on a clients project with shine and nabscript's 3D-Sphere script in AE CC2014 ... when I'm zooming into the 3D spehre shine effects doe's not work anymore ... any idea how to solve it or for what reason it does not seem to work when I'm zooming in? Any help really apreccicated ... !! Maybe this has to do with 2D effects and this 3D spaced sphere ... ?


      PS: I put shine on a adjustment layer on top ...


      Hope you guys get what I'm talking about through the attatched pictures ...


      Thanks much in advance for your time!


      Comp 1 (0-00-03-22)_1.jpg

      Comp 1 (0-00-03-22).jpg