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    problems re activation redemption code


      i purchased the adobe cloud because my upgrade to elements 12 never worked despite endless hours talking to would be experts, so i decided to lose the 67 gbp and try creative cloud for ligfhtroom 5 and photoshop cc however i am having the same problems and keep getting asked for a redemption code which i cannot find.

      as far as software goes adobe sucks and i am at the end of my patience after using your products for 9 years, if this problem is not resolved tonight then i will be cancelling my direct debit and moving over to a rival company like zonerama, who do not make it difficult for their customers to install their products and I will be reluctantly ending a 9 year period with elements,and i can assure you those 9 years were easy years for downloading software,the problem now is that in order to deter illegal use of your products you are making it difficult for your paying custoimers to use your products, maybe somebody from the upper management hierarchy has not been looking at the amount of complaints ( and generally al recurring ones at that) or if they have they are ignoring them at their peril, it seems by the amount of recurring problems of the same type that the experts are clutching at straws too, for the elements 12 problem i was directed deep into my computers system to no avail then was cut short