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    Creating lithophane error (CS6)


      Hello Everyone,



      I'm having trouble when trying to make a lithophane of an image.

      I downloaded the .make lithophane.atn and put in the Presets>Actions folder. Opened an image in Photoshop CS6, chose the Make Lithophane action and pressed on the " play" button.



      After a few succesful steps I get the following error(s):


      I get this error in a few steps (pressing continue)



      After that I get these following errors (some I get more than once as well).





      How can I fix this? No matter what picture I choose, I get the same problem. Tried 8bit/16bit/grayscale/CMYK etc. etc.


      Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.


      Thanks very much!


      Best regards,