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    Jagged peaked cpu utilization during export


      Hello All,


      When I export JPGs onto my local drive from lightroom 5.6 the CPU utilization is rather low and goes up and down (see photo below). Also the export is quite slow, 250 files at 90% from RAW.  Is this pattern normal and why is lightroom not using all of my resources??  Only <1/2 CPU and 4 GB of RAM out of 12.  I didn't have anything else running except a browser. 


      I see a consistent very high CPU utilization when rendering out of after effects and much higher, but still somewhat peaked utilization with Premiere Pro media encoder.


      My system is pretty fast, i7 quadcore, haswell.  It does not seem that all the cores are being used by lightroom, but that is a known issue I guess that can be addressed by breaking up the export into multiple smaller exports.