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    Can't open or print .PMD files in Pagemaker 7.01 or InDesign CS or CC... HALP!

    Sandy Korda

      Good afternoon.  I have Pagemaker 7.01 on a Windows 8.1 desktop - and have been using it just fine - until this past Wednesday - when suddenly, a file I've been able to open and print stopped working, and now every time I open Pagemaker, I get a PLUGIN ERROR message: "Plug-in cannot be completed.  Some systems operations failed.  [7212]  [4816]"  I checked for a fix, and all the postings suggested were I download a Reg Cleaner (BIG mistake... MAJOR scam, if ever there was one) and/or delete as many of my unused fonts, as that would be the culprit(s).  Nope.  Didn't fix a thing... relating to the issues we're having.  I even attempted to open a back-up file - and got the same prompt.  Ditto on a different computer (running Windows 7).  SAME error message.  I tried to access the file in InDesign, but - InDesign says it "may not support the file format, or a plug-in that supports the file format may be missing.  I am lost without being able to access these files and print them.  Does anyone have any suggestions?!


      Sandy Korda
      Orwell Museum