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    Missing files Lightroom 3 and OSX 10.9.5 - how do I fix this? PLEASE


      Hi Mr. Jim. I am having very similar problems with my Lightroom 3. I recently updated my Mac OSX to 10.9.5 and since doing so my photos are missing or offline and I cannot import from any source, even my Canon. I found updates on Adobe that take it up to 5.6 but when I downloaded it, it seems to have downloaded the Lightroom 5 version. It requires a serial number to use so.... that does me no good. So then I downloaded the update 3.6 and opened it but it did not seem to apply itself to my Lightroom program because it still says Lightroom 3.2... I hope that all made sense. So I guess firstly, is there a way to upgrade it to another version without buying a serial number? If that cannot be done, could you or anyone else help walk me through my Lightroom issues?


      I tried your solution up to Ctrl+click Import but there is not a selection for "Update Folder Location". I made the 3 new folders and I am stuck at this part of your process.


      I currently have 5791 missing photos and I need help . I did read that the bridge between the files on the HD and the files in Lightroom get messed up if they are moved and you have to track them down but I cannot seem to do that because when I found some of the "lost" files the contents were all grey and un-clickable.


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