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    RH6: HTML: Link to Index and Glossary

      I built a project in RH6 to generate WebHelp. How can I link to the Glossary and Index from the Content Area (i.e., right pane)?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi thegunslinger

          I believe I've documented those calls in my Skinny on Skins file. Give it a look/see and see if it's in there.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Thanks for the tip; Skinny on Skins documents the calls for Glossary, Index, and some other goodies. Despite the excellent resource, my Glossary link (only one I tried) failed in my test page. This might be related to RH6's handling of baggage files. I plainly saw "whtbar.js" in RH6's baggage files, but it didn't appear in my site. But, I did find "whtbar_ns.js" in my site even though it was nowhere in my project. I inserted references to both names in the head of my test page, but had no joy. I needed to move on to other tasks. I will revisit this issue a litte later.