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    Installing CS3. Have had Pagemaker 6.5plus:Win7x64bit


      I purchased InDesign from Adobe online download. I somehow installed it a few years ago. I recently opened a new clients file and it crippled the program.


      When I try and install it it prompts: Please insert CS3 to continue isntall. I put the PM6.5 cd in, with no luck. It doesn't have a browse tab for me to look for another installer file either.

      How do I install? I had this on my system. Unistall never worked from Control panel, so I downloaded a Microsoft tool to repair and unistall. it removed it. And now it allows me to get up to the point that it asks for CS3 CD to continue install.


      Its over a month now, and really frustrating. I already purchased CorelX and it can do the job, but I prefer InDesign and somehow makes a no layer PDF-X1A file that is much smaller.

      Besides I like InDesign for prepress.

      I also have QuarkXpress, but its about a 4 or 5 years old version, and don't like it much.

      I purchased InDesign as I liked the interface and how it made PDF's.

      I can't afford CC as these apps are used so little, and made sense to purchase at the time not rent.