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    May I control menu when I launch the 'ExportController' plug-in?


      Hi everybody,


      I have write a 'ExportController' plug-in based on the sample SDK(Mac) provided.

      It works correctly as expected workflow, a new sub-menu under 'Export' added, and it can render timeline, export it, and do other post-process.

      But it does not support 'copy', 'paste', 'cut' operation for NSTextField in my custom UI.


      I found all menu items' status didn't change, and the items(Copy, Paste,...)  under 'Edit' are disable.

      I think the copy function missing is because menu item disable, but I don't know it is support to change or edit those status?

      (I am using the Premiere Pro CC Mac SDK, plug-in type is 'ExportController'.)