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    Problem using a Flash MX 2004 Progress Bar Component within a Movieclip

      I'm try to setup a progress bar to show the percentage loaded of a mp3 audio file using the Flash MX 2004 Progress bar component. I can get the progress bar to the work normally by the having the component on the stage (not in a movie clip) with the component set to:

      mode: polled
      source loader

      with the following actionscript on the layer above:

      pBar.setStyle("themeColor", 0xFF0000);
      var loader:Object = new Sound();
      loader.loadSound("http:/www.mywebsite.co.uk/mymp3.mp3", true);

      But I won't to put the preloader inside a Movie Clip (the movie clip is called 'content_MC') as the website has alot of content. When I do this the mp3 file still streams but the Progress Bar doesn't work.

      I think I just need to change the action script so that it links with the component telling it to calculate the progress of the audio streaming file.

      Am I right? Where am I going wrong?