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    Library doesn't show photos imported; only shows blank screen on Windows 8.1.  Have no issues with Lightroom installed on Window XP; all photos imported are visible on Library and Develop, unlike on my HP laptop running with Windows 8.1.  What can I do to

    Preview Function on HP

      When I use Lightroom on my HP Laptop running on Widows 8.1, I cannot see my photos that I import via "Import Photos and Video" option.  Lightroom says it imported my photos, but all I see is a blank page.  Also cannot see the photos on Develop.  I've attached a screen capture of this issue.  I also ran a Lightroom on my desktop running on Windows XP to see if there is a same issue.  Not at all.  My desktop Lightroom shows photos when it imports them and photos are visible on Develop.  Please help.