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    InDesign crushes every time I try to import grayscale tiff files


      This didn't happen before. I'm scanning some files with photoshop through WIA, then save them as grayscale tiffs.
      When I create a document (24 page print document A4 2 columns) or open an existing to make changes I can't import those newly created files, although I can still import older files of the same kind (grayscale tiffs)
      I've tried to move pages from one document to another, since the original file crushes (but I don't want to lose work already done) and Recovery pops up  "[File name] may be damaged. Do you want to open it anyway? ( I followed instructions indicated here: InDesign document recovery) but nothing happens, it crushes again when I try to import those files.
      I've also tried scanning files again with PS through WIA, saving new files with another name and repeating the process, but it goes on the same crushing again and again, although I can open these files with Photoshop.

      Then I tried to create new grayscale files with photoshop which were not scanned and inDesign accepts them! That's weird and crazy!
      I can't figure out if it's a InDesign problem or a Photoshop one.

      I've MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, AMD A10-6800K with Radeon HD graphics 4,1 Ghz, Intel SS DSC2CW120A3 Solid State Hard Disk, 8GB RAM, and I use HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3515 to scan files.