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    Slideshow Quandry


      I need to create a slideshow with each of 200+ photos displaying for 7 seconds each. Which program would be best for this, Premier Pro, Flash or another CC or Mac program?

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          Do you realize that you have posted in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum with your question about slideshows and Premiere Pro, "Flash or other CC or Mac program?


          Assuming an interest at the Premiere Elements Mac level....


          1. Premiere Elements 13 Mac now comes with the Elements Organizer 13 Create/Slideshow for Mac users. Before that the Elements Organizer Create/Slideshow was Windows Only. In the new Elements Organizer 13, essentially you are limited to 5 different themes for your exported file. I see no opportunities for menus. But, you can get a 720p or 1080p AVCHD.mp4 slideshow from it (Save, Export to Local Disc or Facebook). I am still evaluating the export time for these 720p and 1080p exports.



          2. Premiere Elements 13 Editor with opportunities for burn to disc with menus or export to file in a variety of formats.

          What are the pixel dimensions for these 200 photos? There should be no problem setting the Still Image Default Duration to 7 seconds.


          If you interests are in programs other than Premiere Elements, it would be to your advantage to post your thread in the Adobe Forum that focuses in on your program of interest.


          Please review and consider. More details to follow if interested.


          Thank you.