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    InDesign CC Constantly crashing & now costing me valuable design time. Can anyone help?


      For the last couple of weeks my InDesign CC is constantly crashing & I am now starting to lose valuable design time as I have to keep force-quitting it, then re-starting it & have to re-set all my preferences & settings each time. This is taking up so much of my working day I am not actually managing to get any work done.


      Today I have uninstalled Creative Cloud & re-installed in thinking there may be a glitch in the preferences or something - but alas! Its just crashed on me again!


      I had a document open in inDesign & was working in Photoshop quite happily. I then flicked back to inDesign to discover the spinning wheel of death & that it had crashed yet again! I can't work like this - is just not practical & as I say is now costing me valuable time.


      Does anyone have any ideas or are suffering the same fate?