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    Will FC ever include pre populated form elements?

    LubbockApartmentscom Level 1

      First of all I LOVE this site. I like the pricing and features. It really is a very useful site.

      I was wondering if there will ever be features like custom logic formatting? Like phone number, zip code, email stuff like that. Also, it would be great if there were pre populated drop down lists a "State" drop down menu that had all the state abbreviations included. Or it would really be neat if there were a user forum that could create these elements and share them with everyone.  It would be cool to have form elements that could have js formatting that could verify the content or even automatically fill in other parts of a form based on the entered data. Just some suggestions.


      I know I can do this with Acrobat, but distributing a form with these features for the average Joe to fill out is a nightmare.


      Be glad to talk more about it if you are interested.