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    New problems importing Pro-res files




      I am running CC14 on PC (HPz800 Windows 8) - and I have recently become unable to import Pro-res files into After Effects or Media Encoder. These files DO open in premiere


      I have tried the following:


      Cleared my cache

      Cleared all my appdata settings

      uninstalled and reinstalled latest Quicktime

      reverted back to a previous version of After effects (this is where i noticed the problem first and I had recently got a new update)

      copying the file to a different location on my drive and importing it from there




      I have had no problems with Pro-res in the past

      The same file works fine on other computers in my office with the same versions of Ae/Encoder

      The video file works in premiere

      The video file plays fine in Quicktime


      I get the following errors:

      In Ae - "this '.mov' is damaged or unsupported"

      In media encoder - "could not be imported. could not read from source. please check settings and try again"


      In the meantime I have re-encoded a proxy using premiere - however this is not an adequate long-term solution


      Not sure what to try next, don't really want to re-image my whole computer (i already did this on a month or so ago)

      Any help is appreciated