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    Indesign CC 2014 Freezes when Exporting PDF's. Why?


      Hello Adobe users!


      First of all, the specs: I am running a MacBook Pro Retina 2.3 i7 with 8GB of RAM, Nvidia GT 650M 1GB, OS X Mavericks and running Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams, CC 2014.


      I have significant issue with Indesign CC 2014. I am working on a fairly large project... a 28 page 9x12 booklet. Lots of artwork and text involved here. Like most Indesign projects, the artwork is done in Photoshop and the text layers are brought into Indesign as Vector, along with a few other art pieces. Each page is a Photoshop PDF placed in to Indesign, mostly as Spreads. Some pages are individual.


      Any time I try to export as a PDF, either for Print or as Interactive, Indesign freezes. No error messages, no information to support why it's freezing... I just get the pin wheel of death. I've let it go overnight a couple times just to make sure it wasn't still "thinking", but it failed to export and I've had to force quit. Another thing I noticed is my HDD space disappears. I have about 90GB free and after the export is running for about 20 minutes, my HDD space goes down to about 15GB. It remains at 15GB until I restart my computer.


      I've searched the forums, contacted Adobe, and tried numerous potential solutions, but all have failed. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the entire suite... I've removed all preferences and pretty much all traces of Adobe and started from scratch. I also have another MacbookPro with the same specs and it also experiences the same issue. Adobe Support had me package the file and send it to them and they were able to export it just fine, so I know it's not the assets that are causing the issue. It's something with Adobe / Mac / My computer that is causing it... any help would be greatly appreciated!