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    Tutorial Video's

    yoyosteve Level 1

      I am a gentleman of 73.   I previously used Photoshop and Lightroom.   In the last couple of years I had a serious stroke and now have dementia.   I want to try to re-train myself but it takes a while to sink in, and if I am to learn from it, must take it very slowly.

      My question is - There are several videos on the Adobe site that, such as me,can watch on-line.   Is  there a way that I can download these so that I can watch them at a time that I am feeling up to it and watch a little at a time?

      I know that there are commercial videos for sale, but to be perfectly candid, I can't afford them.  I am on a VERY small government pension and have to budget all my spending very carefully.


      I can be reached at peter@peterstevens.info

      Kind  regards,

      Peter Stevens