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    "Locking" layers view in InDesign

    BeckieBea Level 1

      I'm not even sure how to describe this, so forgive me if there's something out there than answers this question.


      I work with layers in both photoshop and illustrator quite a bit, mainly because I work with things that have displays and those displays depend on different settings. When I have just one or two graphics it's easy enough for me to flatten and use jpegs but oftentimes I have probably 20 layers/images in one file.


      What I'm encountering with this is that sometimes my InDesign updates and uses whatever happens to be visible at the time, so I end up with 20 pictures that are all alike. Now, I do know that I can go in and manually update each linked image, but again, that's a time consuming thing when the deadline is super tight.


      So...is there a way to make sure that the layer view of a particular image STAY that particular view?