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    XMP file have Dream Weaver Logo




      I work on my pictures with Camera Raw on NEF raw files. I wanted to edit lots of pictures taken under same light conditions. Therefore I just edited one file. Normally I could for exemple open the next file say " load settings" and chose the XMP file of the picture I just edited.


      But now, I get an error message saying the the XMP file has no data in it (but if I open it as text, there is a lot written there). I notice that the file has the logo DW (Dream Weaver). On my other computer, the file open per default with Mac Script. I tried to change this, but it doesnt work. I don't get the error message, but none of the according settings neither...


      Is this a known issue?


      What can I do?


      I work on Mac OS X 10.8.5 and I am customer of Adobe Creative Cloud (I work with Photoshop CC6).


      Thanks a lot in advance for your help and hints!!