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    Fill in "stroke only" font

    MGMartino Level 1

      I am making a Lyric Video and I want to use the "Desdemona" font which by default is stoke-only.  But I want it to just be one color (no outline). So is there anyway, within After Effects, to fill the "Desdemona" font to make it one solid color?

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          DESIGNbySAFIY Level 2

          Yep. So assuming you made your text layer in AE and have typed the letters you want, take a look to the right of the timeline. A character tab should've appeared, if nit go to the window menu and select "character". In the character tab there are two squares on the upper right ( one solid and one looks like a frame). The solid one is the fill color of the text, the square with the hole in it (frame) represents the stroke color. Make sure the stoke color is on top of the fill (use the arrows next the the squares to toggle between stroke and fill color) and hit the small square with the diagonal red line (its just under the two boxes) to remove the stroke color. Hit the arrows to toggle the fill and stroke again and make the text your color of choice.

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            DESIGNbySAFIY Level 2

            Oh what a neat trick. I should've read that with both eyes, lol. The stroke is the fill color. One sec, lemme try something

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              DESIGNbySAFIY Level 2

              Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 6.59.38 PM.pngGot it. Create shapes from the text, go to the shape layer in the timeline window open the properties, click on contents, click on merge path 1 and set the merge mode to add. Set the fill 1 color (just under merge path).