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    preloader doesn't show

      it seems to me this should work but it doesn't. I Am creating at runtime preloader_holder_MC and img_holder_MC inside another MC also created at runtime, so these 2 clips are syblings. I load preloader.swf (this movie has the same size as the main movie) into preloader_holder_MC and then when loading image into img_holder_MC preloader should appear, but it doesn't. When I change the same code so I load preloader.swf to _level5 everything works just fine! I already spent like 2 days to figure it out... thanks for any help

      Here is the code:
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          MotionMaker Level 1
          1. Does the onLoadProgress work? Add trace statements there to prove it is functioning. Note running from IDE you may not see the onLoadProgress.
          2. What is this represent inside of onLoadProgress. You should trace this trace(this) and see what it is. Use of this creates difficult to read code and may account for the confusion. Use trace statements to learn the true identity of any relative references in Flash.
          3. Then that asks the question what is this in your code?
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            zzdobrusky Level 1
            after 4 days or so I found the problem - it is how to target clips from within the listener!!!!!
            when I replace this[holderName] with _root[holderName] everything works just fine!!!!!!!
            Now this really confuses me. How should I target movie clips from within the event listener???? When I target from within the function "this[holderName].movieName" means main timeline but not for event listener!!!!
            this is good code:
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              MotionMaker Level 1
              Declare these outside the function and on the root:
              var myMCL:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
              var myListener:Object = new Object();

              var myMCL:MovieClipLoader;
              var myListener:Object;
              and in last case inside the function
              myMCL = new MovieClipLoader();
              myListener = new Object();