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    how can I talk with someone? I have a simple question and it's not answered anywhere in the forums. I have asked it before and repetedly gets swept over


      Where do my files have to be in order to use creative cloud and not have my indesign links break? I'll need to use Indesign on different computers and my images won't be traveling with me... will I need to relink every image every time? this gets way too tedious after 5 pages of links are broken. Also,,, why do I need all these plugin's once I use an icloud version of indesign when I've saved the file on my external hard drive, and then open the exact same file from the exact same hard drive? The file never opens and is corrupt which means I have to rebuild the entire thing or physically travel back to that computer which has the indesign cloud.... It's baffling.


      And another question... how does adobe not have a live support number to call and ask questions? I've been in the same "click-loop" now forever  and I can't ever get to an actual useful forum.