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    cheap laptop


      any one know of the cheapest laptops for cc .... i have an iMac at home ... but want a cheap laptop

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Good luck. Um, these video processing programs due tend to utilize hardware resources. Check over on the hardware forum ...



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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Cheap and video editing do NOT go together very well


            Laptop Video Editing PC - http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1369220?tstart=0

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              JFPhoton Level 3

              ...if at all possible...a beefy desktop system will WAY outperform a laptop with these programs. Any "desktop replacement" laptop MUST be plugged in ANYWAY to work....on battery, these programs are UNUSABLE. HOWEVER, if you MUST use a laptop I can tell you I achieve good results with my Asus G750JW, which I bought REFURBISHED for $850. It arrived in practically new condition with some of the original plastic still on it. Of course, I had to upgrade the memory myself to 24GB from the original 8 GB,THEN CLONE the supplied CRAPPY HDD onto a Crucial M500 SSD.....you could use the BETTER M550 SSD now. This machine has a second HDD bay for ANOTHER SSD and has he option to RAID the 2 SSDs together...if desired. Most important...it has an NVidia 765M dedicated GPU with 2GB DDR5 video memory. This machine is available in better versions that have a better 800 series GPU as well. The Haswell i7 CPU....the 4700HQ has PLENTY of horsepower. I even achieve even higher performance by slightly overclocking the GPU memory clock with MSI Afterburner without ANY temperature issues !. This laptop is currently available refurbished at around $1,000 at egg and b&h....you can also "gamble" on ebay for a better deal......just make sure the CPU and Nvidia (ONLY...no AMD)) are at LEAST as good as the ones I described. For AEffects....MORE memory definitely helps.....use NO LESS than 24 GB system memory. More GPU video memory may help AE,too....not sure...I think so. This machine has a NATIVE 1920x 1080p display,AND can connect to a 1440p EXTERNAL display...if desired. DO NOT get anything with LESS specs than this machine......anything less will be like swimming in MOLASSES !!!

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                dazzmos Level 1

                ok i got a £330 laptop....... AMD A4 ..... 6 gig ram ...... works great .... bit slower than mac  yeah ... but fine