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    Image in Develop mode - Orange Tint


      I'm having an issue with my images when I switch to Develop mode.  There is an orange tint that appears in each image while I'm tweaking it.  Sometimes the tint is minor like the example I've attached and other times it makes it very difficult to edit the image.  When I return to Library mode or export the image it's normal. 


      I've attached the same image in both Library and Develop mode to illustrate the issue.  I've highlighted the problem areas with Yellow call-outs in the image that's open in Develop mode (note no adjustments have been made the tint appears as soon as I switch to Develop).


      My system uses two video drivers (they are current as of today):

      Intel HD Graphics 4000, Driver version

      NVIDIA NVS 5200M, Driver version 340.84



      Thanks in advance for any assistance.


      Original Image in Library Mode.jpg

      Original Image in Develop Mode.jpg