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    Adobe Lightroom help


      I've posted a question regarding a problem on lightroom 5 on this forum and unfortunately I have not received an answer, despite a couple of people trying.  Does Adobe have any form of help support for Lightroom or do they rely on their customers to help each other?


      For reference here is my original post:-


      I have just upgraded to lightroom 5.6.  I use windows 7.

      I have all the photos that I want to import in lightroom on my hard drive. 

      When I import my photos the directory where all my photos is found in the import screen but when I select certain subdirectories all I get is a message saying 'No photos found'.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which directories show no photos. 

      It shows CR2 and jpg files for some directories but not others

      It shows some older photos, but not others, some new, but not others.  A recent trip has the photos broken down by date.  All the photos are there for some dates but none for other dates.  The directory heading is there for all dates though.

      It doesn't matter which camera I have shot the photo with.

      I can import photos from my flash card but when I copy the photos onto the hard drive they do not show up.

      I have cleared my entire catalogue and tried to import all my photos again.  While it finds all the directories it only finds about a third of the photos.  It seems to find everything from one directory and no photos from another.


      I have looked around for solutions but can't find anything that relates to my problem.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is a dumb question, I know. But are you sure there are images in those folders? How did you download the images to your hard drive? Did you use Lightroom, or some other utility? I won't pretend nor give you hope that I have any solution because I have read the other comments.

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            sw7a Level 1

            Fair question.  The photo's are definitely in the folder.  I can open them in Microsoft Explorer.

            I have also discovered that some directories have some, but not all the photo's uploaded in Lightroom.  The type of file (jpeg, CR2) doesn't seem to matter