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    Edge Animate playing all symbols on replay?

    ianmcarey Level 1

      Hi, I am at my wits' end here--I've created a basic animation using Edge Animate CC 2014.0.1, featuring groups of symbols which have a stop trigger at the beginning of the animation and are then played at the appropriate time. It works fine--the first time through. However, I added a "replay" button which loops back to a point early in the animation (but not the very beginning), and on the replay, all the symbols display their end state from the beginning (even though I had them fading to 0 before the loop trigger), until they play again. This seems to happen whether I loop to the beginning or another point.


      If this sounds familiar, it's because I asked a similar question a few months ago (about symbols autoplaying), but this time no amount of tweaking or trigger nudging seems to get them to disappear. Any thoughts? Composition is attached.




      Any ideas are appreciated!