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    It's nearly 2015 - SSD Question


      Price, performance and life expectancy of SSD's have improved substantially

      since 2012.  They seem to be prepared to handle a lot more of PPro & AE tasks

      than previously thought.


      I am building a new system with a Samsung Pro SSD 256gb.  I will have 32gb ram

      and 4 1TB HDD's. 


      I plan on optimizing the SSD: remove hibernate file, superfetch & prefetch.


      I would like to keep the following on this SSD:


      OS, programs, all media cache, persistent disc cache, global performance cache,

      2gb pagefile.


      Will this be okay?  If not, why not?


      I've spent many, many hours on research, and it is often confusing, and more

      often, totally diametrically opposed to itself.  ie, Put media cache on an SSD, don't put

      media cache on an SSD.  Limit pagefile size, let Windows manage dynamically.

      Remove system restore from SSD, keep on your SSD.


      I keep seeing so many disc setup discussions and examples that rave about the speed

      of SSD's, only to find out that so many users are using 120gb-240gb premium SSD's only

      to store their OS and programs on these, leaving all that speed potential to waste.

      ie, even Harm Millard's system shown in his personal set-up is using a Samsung Evo 240gb

      which is only using 31gb.  What's the point?