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    Intel Macs.....  Is there going to be a update to Director?

      I did do a search before I posted this.... But the topics I found are many months old at this point ...

      I have a Mac Book (intel) -When using Director my CPU usage is maxed out. Is this normal? I know Mac OSX is using Rosetta in the back ground to allow Director to 'work'. But should it really be maxed out??/ Would I have to buy a Mac Pro (the new ones with a total of 8 cores) --For the App. to run 'smoothly'?

      QUESTION: Is Adobe going to update Director to run on intel Macs *without having to use Rosetta ???
      QUESTION: Is Adobe going to put out some kind of 'patch' to alow Director users to create 'projectors' for the intel-macs?