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    Why are pages not automatically added to ToC when I update?

    BeeVee23 Level 1



      I have tried searching but all I get are the keywords automatic and ToC being acted on, meaning my *specific* query is never found. Anyway...


      Previously in my CS5.5 documents when my ToC was out of date and I updated, the multi-page ToC would be recreated fully. As of about three weeks ago this is no longer the case. It generates the first page, warns me of overflow text and forces me to add a new page and reflow to it, whereupon it does the remaining pages.


      I know there hasn't been a sneaky update to 5.5 in order to make my life difficult so it must be something I did, but I can't find out what. Any ideas? It's driving me mad and making me not want to update the ToC when normally it should be a simple operation.