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    Printing problem

    Bruno trial Level 1
      When printing a topic from a compiled html file, the larger pictures are cut. But in the edit version, they fit within the margins. I don't understand whats wrong. Any suggestions?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Welcome to the forum and sorry for the slow reply.

          I think what you mean is that if the user prints a page the large images go outside the page margins but it looks OK when you are editing.

          If that is the case it is because in the editor the width is based on whatever you have set up for the editor, it is not necessarily a page width. Look at the text wrapping in the editor and in the printed page. Your image is to wide but it looks OK in the editor because the width you have set is more than a page.

          Look at a line of text in a printed topic and see where it wraps. Now set the width of your editor to wrap at the same point and I think you image will then be wider. You need to size it to fit that.

          If that is not what you mean, please provide some more information.