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    Creative Cloud Quota is wrong


      Dear All!


      I would call this an Odysee.

      I switched from Photoshop Photography Program to Creative Cloud Photography Program (CCPP) . The reason for this was that the last one was a bit cheaper in Austria and the customer service told me that this is the same product...

      ... never trust the customer service - is my take away.


      There is a difference!


      Firstly I realized that my Creative Cloud storage was full with 6GB of Data (6 of 6GB used)

      I deleted my archive files and a suddenly my quota went down to 2GB of 2GB used.


      I contacted the support and they explained that with the CCPP I only have 2GB of capacity in the cloud.

      With this information (Photoshop Help | Differences between Photoshop and Creative Cloud Photography Programs) I was not happy but it was acceptable for me.


      I moved all my files over to my Dropbox account to free up my Cloud-Space for Apps like Adobe Idea, etc.


      The issue currently is that even if I deleted all files the quota still shows at 2GB of 2GB used.

      I also deleted the archive again and all deleted files - still I'm not able to write files to the quota.


      I contacted the support again and they told me that they are aware of this issue and that I have to write an entry in the forum to get this solved.


      So far my experience with Adobe Support was always excellent, but with the last issue my experience has become bad.


      I am currently not able to use my Cloud Storage for iPad Apps (like Photoshop, Idea, CloudSync, etc) because the quota is calculated wrong.

      I ask someone from Adobe to take care of this issue as soon as possible.

      Kind regards