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    merged index merge problem


      We're working in RHx5, with 8 merged projects, on the desktop, substantial memory. Each project was an imported doc and index. In RH, we're editing the indexes to make a better merged one. It's very useful that you can edit six indexes at once, and wish RH could open the 7th & 8th projects, but it won't.

      So then we generate, copy files to the server , start Help, and are seeing two problems. Some keywords/subkeyword sets are not yet merged, and are out of alphabetic order (so an "A" keyword/subset may come between two "D" keyword/subsets from different projects). Also, some clicks open the topic to the middle of the screen. Clicking the link again fixed the alphabetizing and moved the link header to the top of the screen where it should be.

      I ran a disk cleanup, rebooted, then opened and generated each project separately (instead of from the open six projects). This may have fixed the alphabetical problem, but we haven't clicked all the links yet to check the display location.

      Any thoughts?