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    Question about warp stabilizer VFX and AVCHD in AE pro cc

    hitomediahimlor Level 1

      Good evening everyone.


      I am currently working at a company in Japan doing some editing work and I have run in to a bit of a problem that I cannot seem to find a solution to on Google or any other website.

      *This explanation might get a bit too detailed, but I would appreciate it if you hang in there*



      So basically, to start from the beginning, We were filming an advertising event about 2 weeks ago.  The main camera we were using was a rental and slightly too big for the tripod we brought from the office (I can't say we are the most up to date with technology/have the greatest equipment, but we get the job done). To add to this, the camera man was standing on a stage that was also a bit shaky. Thus, there is a noticeable shake every 10-30 seconds that lasts about 1-3 seconds.  Since I do the majority of the editing here, I am the one editing this.  I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to after effects but I am learning as I go on the job. 

      Moving along.

      The first thing I tried (from what I understood from what I read on the internet about how to reduce camera shake) was I took the first of 7 parts (8mins long) rough project where about half the shots are shaky, put it into AE and added Warp Stabilizer VFX.  This took about 45 mins to an hour to complete, and created a file that was 63 Gigs (basically useless to me because my videos must be uploaded to Udemy which has a file limit size of 1 or 2 gigs).  Needless to say I deleted that.

      The next thing I tried was to just straight import the AVCHD file into AE which was not possible; I could not select the file for import.

      Frustrated, as I sometimes become easily with machines, I tried the little test footage Adobe so kindly allows you to download and I did what the tutorial said to do. Worked quickly and easily.

      So the next thing I tried was to go to premiere, take the raw AVCHD file (roughly 25mins) in Premiere Pro CC, export it, and then I was going to put it in to AE.  The export time on that was looking to be about 2 hours and I get off in 1hour...also needless to say I gave up on that one as well.


      So, if you are still with me, I appreciate it, and to get to my point here, what is the best way to work with AVCHD files in AE cc (version 13.0.2)?  My computer here at work has some update to where the AVCHD file is a folder containing all the clips from that SD card, as opposed to where it used to give me MTS/MTSS files. (<- I think I saw something on the interweb touching on being able to put MTS/MTSS files straight into AE..?)


      My next Question is, basically, what is a suggested workflow for, at some point at least by the end, removing the shake from my videos via AE's Warp Stabilizer? (IE-should I edit first? then remove shake, or remove shake then edit?)


      I do kindly ask that you take it easy on me as I could be missing something super small as well as I could be overthinking something simple.


      The specs for my computer equipment here at work is as follows:

      Macbook Pro

      Processor 2.2 GHz Intel Core I7

      8GB Memory 1333MHz DDR3

      Graphics-AMD Radeon HD 6750 1024 MB(the end was cut off so it could be ME..)

      Software-OS X 10.9.4 113E28


      After Effects pro CC released in 2014, version 13.0.2

      Premiere Pro CC 8.0.1 also released in 2014.0.1


      Anyways, If you have stuck with me and have some, any kind of solution I would greatly GREATLY appreciate it as I am working in Japan in a Japanese company and figuring this out is a bit easier than telling them it's a waste of time and I cannot do it. 


      Thank you all.