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    Geting major lag and freezing in Flex Builder 2

    xyco45 Level 1
      The lag happens only really when I am in "source" mode, I will type something and Flex builder will usually respond after a second, or sometimes two seconds! after pushing a key on the keyboard. when I keep pressing the key to make it go faster, Flex builder just freezes up. The lag only really started happening when I had more then a thousand lines of code. I am currently at 4586 lines of code and the slow down only increases as I had more code. Some of my other projects ranging from 100 to 500 lines of code run smoothly without lag. Also everytime I type in the project with the 4k lines of code and I check the CPU usages, Flex seems to be a real memory hog, when I type something in flex the CPU usage starts shooting up! like from 30 to 50, etc. I am using Windows XP and do virus checks a lot I don' t think it could be a bug. I have tried reinstalling Flex builder and didn't do anything, any suggestions on how to speed things up?
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          peterent Level 2
          Perhaps others reading this thread can contribute their experiences, too.

          Add more memory to your system. Eclipse uses a lot of memory, more than we'd like, but it is the tool of choice for most developers, so we use it as our base. There are also some 3rd-party Eclipse memory-management plugins, so look into those.

          Don't keep too many projects open. Either close them or delete them your workspace. Any open project is subject to scanning and possible rebuilding.

          Other suggestions welcome.
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            I'm getting severe performance issues with Flex Builder 2 also. I'm running it on OS X 10.4.9 with 1GB of RAM (on a 1.8GHz Core Duo Mac Mini) and get the "spinning beachball" for a long time after editing or running. I'm not building anything large either, as I'm just getting to grips with Flex, so have only a handful of components I'm playing with in the design view. I have no other projects open (and I have no other apps open other than Eclipse and Safari). I'd go as far as to say it's quite unusable.


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              xyco45 Level 1
              Yah, thanks for your advice everyone.. but still. as my lines of code increase in numbers so does the lag, I am now up to 6k and the lag and freezing is becoming very annoying. My co-worker says he gets severe lag as well and he is up to 10k. I closed all other projects, tweak settings in flex config files, tried using eclipse, tried lowering the graphic intense stuff on my computer, closed just about every other program running.. and still it gets worse! This is something I really feel Adobe should look into, I love Flex but if things are going to slow down when I start creating large projects (which is really the worst time) then well.. idunno what to say really.. I am looking for third party tools in the open source world of flash, so far I have found a few good ones. http://osflash.org/flevi a flex IDE
              http://www.sephiroth.it/python/sepy.php actionscript IDE
              go to http://osflash.org for more open source answers.. If any one has any information on how to improve the performance of Flex builder please contribute to this thread! This seems to be a big problem that needs fixin.
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                I also am experiencing the same sorts of lag problems - I'm running Windows XP with 2GB of RAM and a Pentium 4 processor. This is definitely a problem and a considerable annoyance when you have to wait a second or two for Flex builder to register your typing.

                Thanks to xyco45 for pointing out that it seems to be caused by large code files - I might not have noticed otherwise.

                I wanted to point out that, at least for me, even if I have that large code file open, I've noticed that if I am working on a smaller file, the lag does not occur - and so a possible solution would be to break up your large code file into separate files and work on those individually.

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                  There definitely seems to be a correlation between a large code base and Flex Builder's/Eclipse's sluggishness. I have seen this now on the Windows and Mac side of FB, where the code base grows over time as the applications are being built and FB causing more and more issues, such as freezing or other unexplained behavior.

                  Until we have more data available to pin-point the issues, the best approach really is to partition a large application into smaller pieces.

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                    levancho Level 3
                    Very Important :

                    Turn AutoBuild Off (project --> uncheck build automatically.
                    use ctrl+b instead when you want to build it this will remove some listeners off editor that fires build as soon as you save .

                    also Its better to use flexbuilder as plugin vs a standalone IDE ( I foundit being lot more faster)

                    also try to turn off validations if you have any for xml webservices and things that you dont use

                    one more thing :
                    I have noticed that flexbuilder freezes if you accidentally forget to close a error window that flashplayer popup if there is some errors in code etc .. if that windo is not closed (by clicking dismiss all that can freeze things prety quickly.even your other instances of browser (if its firefox especialy )

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                      I'll second levancho's first piece of advice above. When you're working with small codebases, Autobuild is fine, but as your program grows the lag gets exponentially worse because Flex Builder is trying to recompile constantly.

                      For me, it had reached the point where every keystroke brought my PC to a crawl - turning autobuild off put it all back to normal.

                      Just remember that before you do a build you should also save your files manually (Ctrl+S, or Ctrl+Shift+S for all open files), otherwise they won't be reflected in the compile. I know that seems to go without saying, but you'd be surprised how often its forgotten - especially if you're used to using autobuild.
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                        How to use it as Plugin, instead of Standalone IDE?
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                          To use Flex builder as a plugin instead of a standalone ide can be found on the download page where you got flex. They give instructions on how to set that up I believe. I know that you will have to install the eclipse ide first, then install the plugin.

                          Also, I wonder - how many people are experiencing this lag with the full standalone IDE or with the plugin? If I had to bet, I'd say that most of these problems arise with the standalone version, not the plugin.

                          And I have also experienced this slowdown - and I have standalone version.
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                            Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee
                            Hey all,

                            Just wanted to jump in here with a couple points...

                            1. There shouldn't be a huge difference between Standalone and Plugin setups. Plugin might be a bit slower, especially if you have many additional plugins installed. But if you notice a huge difference, please file a bug.

                            2. Flex Builder, like Eclipse in general, is very memory-intensive. One way to improve performance is to let FB use more memory. Open your launch settings file (FlexBuilder.ini or eclipse.ini, in the same folder as the EXE that you run), and increase the number after "Xmx".

                            3. Re the original poster's problem:
                            - If you have 6k+ lines of code in a single file, try splitting it into smaller modules. This is good practice for many reasons beyond IDE performance.
                            - There was mention of the CPU usage rising from 30 to 50%. If you mean the baseline is 30% being used no matter what, it sounds like you have some other apps chewing up CPU resources. Identifying & shutting those down will always help a bit.

                            4. We are doing quite a bit of performance testing in-house. If you have a project with unusually poor FB performance that you are willing to share with us, please let us know.

                            Hope that helps a bit!

                            - Peter
                            Flex Builder engineering
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                              levancho Level 3
                              Peter Flynn (Adobe)
                              correct me if I am wrong but does not standalone FB already provide built in (extras) e.g : editors , for things like jsp, xml etc and web project wizards? on the other hand FB as a plugin only provides purely flex related editors etc (nothing extra )
                              if thats a case than I would say plugin got to be more performant (assuming user has fresh install of eclipse ) .

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                                Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee
                                Hi levancho,

                                Flex Builder Standalone includes a subset of the features you'd find in a standard Eclipse installation. There minor differences in behavior (e.g. the Run button), but Standalone doesn't provide extra features of any significance. It should be slightly lighter-weight than Plugin.

                                - Peter