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    form validation - disallow entries

      I have got javascripts galore for form validations. Alphanumeric entries, numeric only entries, email entries, etc. However, I have a client who wants to prevent users from being able to enter "garbage" data into the form fields prior to form submission (there is an area of the site that is protected until the visitor enters their name and company). For example, anything from 'aaa' to 'slkdfjlsdkfj' he wants to get rejected - anything that he believes is not valid, which is asking for trouble as far as I'm concerned. How do you anticipate whether a foreign name is valid or not? I'm already anticipating what the answer will be... that I need to set up each individual rejected word or phrase one by one. Does anyone out there know of a way to somewhat automate this process so each possible "garbage" entry wouldn't have to be listed one by one? I think I'm asking the impossible, but I'm putting it out there anyway