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    scheduled tasks

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      My web hosting providers offers scheduled tasks through their admin
      interface. Only problem is that the offer schedule tasks on certain hour
      intervals. eg, every 3 hours, every 6 hours, etc.

      Is there a quick way to code something to run a template at a specific
      couple of different times throughout the day.

      I dont have access to the CF administrator in the shared environment.

      thanks for your help


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          Dan Bracuk Level 5
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            Im on a shared environment with cfschedule disabled. I should have been

            They have provided a timer through their web interface that can run cfm
            pages at intervals, but im restricted to certain time intervals. ie, every
            3 hours, every 6 hours after midnight. I want to specify a specific time.

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              insuractive Level 3
              Without access to the administrator or tags like <cfschedule>, there really is no good way to schedule something through CF on your shared box. However, you could set up a scheduled task script on your home/work computer to call your CFM pages remotely.

              You might want to try contacting them directly - they may be willing to set up a scheduled task that meets your requirements. Otherwise, you're probably stuck using the set intervals they provide.