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    Seeking help with my PC. (for Premiere Pro)

    FrustratedinGA Level 1

      PLEASE! Recently my company upgraded our editing suite to Premier Pro from Final Cut. Using the system specs provided my Adobe, our IT department upgraded my desktop. But Premier just will not run like it should. Constantly going into "not responding" mode, crashing altogether, other issues that lead me to believe the core problem is with my machine. Can anyone make suggestions as to "building" a desktop unit that is "hoss" enough to run this program and make this unhappy editor, happy again! In an effort to cover most everything I can think of, my desktop is on our company network. Not sure sure if that is an issue or not. Management has indicated changes will be made to allow me to use this program (and all of the cloud suite elements) when I find out what exactly it will take to work.


      Any suggestions?


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