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    Samples Problem (Channel disconnected)

    AndyWW Level 1
      I am running Tomcat 6 and JRE 1.5, with FDS. Running the Dashboard sample is not a problem (except for a lack of heapspace in the JRE sometimes). However, the CRM sample is not working. I get the error "Channel disconnected" on the client side, and on the server side I am seeing a JRE error ... specifically a javax/transaction/SystemException throwable. The last entry in the stack trace is: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/transaction/SystemException at flex.data.DataService.serviceMessage(DataService.java:305). I have installed JOTM JARs in the Tomcat common\lib directory, and created a "samples.xml" file in the conf\Catalina\localhost directory.

      I am new to Flex2 (and FDS), and I am also new to Tomcat. But I am really not trying to get too sophisticated right now. I am frustrated, and I appreciate any help that anyone can give me!

      All I really want to do is to create a simple application that communicates using RTMP to transport POJOs on the server side to AS classes on the client side. I have run the tutorial that Christophe Coenraets provided, and it works just fine. But when I try to build a test from scratch by installing Tomcat, FDS, JOTM (do I really need that piece?), and then creating the mxml, as, and class files I have problems. Which caused me to try the samples that come with FDS.

      As a side note ... there is a statement that memory for the JRE should be increased, but no specific instructions for increasing it. That's not my immediate problem with the CRM sample, and so I'll figure it out later.
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          Just an update ... although I am not sure that anyone will ever see any of this:

          I reinstalled Tomcat, FDS, and JOTM. I actually put the JOTM JARs into the tomcat/lib directory, since I wasn't certain where Tomcat will look. I added the TransactionFactory element to tomcat/conf/context.xml. This entry specifies to Tomcat that the default transaction factory is JOTM. I also changed the heap size for the JVM, which I realized can be changed using the Tomcat configuration program shown in the Tomcat menu under the Windows Start Menu.
          I am still getting a "Channel disconnected" error when I attempt to update a value in the CRM sample application. The exception in the Tomcat window is: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError. This appears to be thrown in the constructor of the jotm Current class.

          Does anyone have any ideas? Or at least a similar problem?