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    Problems printing from Photoshop 4 to Canon Pro9000MarkII


      Hi All,


      This has only strting happening in the last two days - before that I have had no problems with this function. I am trying to print from Photoshop 4 on a PC to my Canon Pro9000MarkII.


      When I print a document and tick the Scale to Fit Media box then everything is fine and it prints no problem.

      When I try to print with this box unticked so that I can print at 100% scale I press OK and nothing happens.


      We have tried to download the latest printer driver and this has not helped. I have played around with the Printer Preferences and this too has not helped. I have restarted Photoshop and the PC quite a few times - nothing!!


      I have obviously missed some sort of setting but I don't know what - help!!!!