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    Recording Issue in RTMP using FMS


      We have a flex application to record a single RTMP video stream on FMS with limited bandwidth of 100 kbps. When the network dips to 40 to 60 kbps and

      raise to normal, the recorded video should not freeze and audio/video sync on the recorded video should be fine.


      The problem what we are facing is, when the recorded video is played in a player(VLC), we have noticed that the video is always freezed where the

      network dips to 40 to 60 kbps for few secs and only the audio plays. Also noticed the video comes back normally once the network is normal.


      Do we have any solution to fix the freezing on recorded video. Can we play with Buffertime to solve this? if so, how to do this?


      Note: We dont have any multi conferencing functionality here and this has only one stream in RTMP to record only.

      Or, do we have any other than RTMP which stores the packets in client browser and sends this to server to store the video?

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          We have solved the issue by using the netstream.bufferLength. First we have set the buffertime to about 60 sec. When the recording is stopped we are removing the camera and mic from the netstream and checking for the bufferlength to become null in a timer and after that we are closing the stream. By this way the video is completely recorded.