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    Graphic Display Driver Crash


      Hi there.


      I run CS6 on a mac and I received an error last night in Photoshop along the lines of "Graphic Display Driver" has an error. Essentially the "Display Driver" (whatever that is) crashed. Now my images and type are pixelated in the program (and I have the retina display). I'm not sure what else the "crash" has done to the functionality of my tools but the magnifying glass tool doesn't work properly. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thx!

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          rkelly0137 Level 4

          Just close it out and restart it (the program).  Every once in awhile I end up restarting my entire computer, but usually just PS (I have to go into task manager and close PS myself as it stops responding, not sure if you have to do that on your Mac, sounds like not).  My laptop does this all the stinking time when using the discrete GPU.

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            JKru1981 Level 1



            Thanks for the reply. I have been reading about the GPU but I don't know

            what that is. I have tried restarting the program and the computer but no

            luck. Am I in trouble forever on this? Can I do a reinstall?




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              rkelly0137 Level 4

              You shouldn't have to reinstall it.  I don't know much about Macs, but I can't imagine it's fundamentally different from a PC.  The GPU is the graphics processing unit, it handles all graphic displays, and Photoshop can use it to do some additional work.  The display driver is the software piece that communicates with the GPU.  When things get locked up the driver will crash, and (usually, at least for PC) it restarts without issue.


              Are all graphics on your computer now pixelated, or just in Photoshop?  If it's all, then something is either amiss with your GPU, the drivers, or a setting on your computer.  If it's just in Photoshop, I'd have a good look at any potential settings that have changed, though I can't think of what that'd be.  Can you post a screen shot of what you're seeing?

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                JKru1981 Level 1

                Just the graphics in Photoshop are pixelated and the magnifying tool is working improperly. Weird combination right!? If you recall, a few years ago when using the magnifying tool you would drag the tool over the area you wanted magnified and it would draw a little marquee around that area. On release click it would zoom in. Photoshop did away with that a few years ago (I think) and now all you do is click and drag the mouse (or track pad) and it zooms in. I love this function but it has reverted to the old way it used to be. I know that's weird but that is an issue I noticed right away when I re-launched the program after I received the error message. The screen shot will show you the pixelation as well as the improper magnifying tool function.


                I also noticed today that when I saved an image as a .jpg/.psd./.pdf, some of the colors were different in each different file type. This was also something that just started since the "crash".


                I have no idea how to fix this ...


                Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.12.48 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.12.54 PM.png

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                  rkelly0137 Level 4

                  Yeah, it sounds like your GPU or display driver is messed up.  The "scrubby zoom", as it's called, uses the GPU to give the continuous zoom.  When I had GPU issues on my laptop that would go away as well.  But resetting my computer always fixed it.   It's possible that Photoshop turned off this effect (or all of OpenGL) when your GPU gave you issue.


                  First check that OpenGL is on - Edit>Preferences>Performance I believe.  Then, I think there's an "advanced" button or something where you can choose what OpenGL effects are allowed, and one should be scrubby zoom.  Sorry, I don't have PS in front of me to check.   If you can't turn OpenGL on then I it's your computer or GPU.  Someone who knows Macs well will have to weigh in, I'm purely a PC guy.

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                    JKru1981 Level 1

                    That did it! The pixelation issue and tool functionality is fixed!! However, the color variance is still an issue when I save the file. Why would the color fade or darken depending on different file formats?

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                      rkelly0137 Level 4

                      Well, different formats have different color spaces, profiles, bit depths, etc.  It's a complicated subject.


                      Your PSD file is likely in 16 bit, whereas JPG is 8 bit.  That alone will create a difference.  It's possible you changed color space as well.  I often accidently hit "Y" which converts to CKMY (for printing), but when I save to jpg it converts to RGB, which actually makes it look better in most situations.  Which is when I notice that I was in CKMY and I have to go back and re-edit.  Anyway, I digress...  it's common and expected for the colors to change some amount when changing formats.  If you want the most accurate color representation (for non-printed use) save to 16 bit TIFF.  However, I find the "Save for Web" to be the best option for converting to JPG as you can see exactly what you're going to get.

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                        JKru1981 Level 1

                        Ya I'm familiar with the CMYK and RGB color output difference. Maybe I

                        never really noticed when I was saving out of CMYK (for print) that the

                        color was changing when I was saving to jpg or pdf. I'll keep playing with



                        Thanks a lot rkelly. I really appreciate your help!