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    Reinstalling PS6


           Hello -


      Drive with PS6 on it got corrupted.  Image backup is also corrupted so I have to reinstall Win7

      as well as all apps.


      So I can't deactivate PS6 because I can't open the program.


      I have a serial number, have no desire to go to CC right now.


      Can I just reinstall PS6?

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          rkelly0137 Level 4

          You should be able to, without issue.  I recently had a hard drive crash and had to completely reinstall Win 7 and all my programs. Obviously I couldn't deactivate either, and I have Photoshop on my desktop so both my license seats were taken.  PS went right in, no problems.  I'm guessing it knows what computer its on by the motherboard, like Windows does.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            If you CS6 I believe that is what you mean by Photoshop.  Which version did you have installed? The perpetual  CS6 version or the subscription version 13.1.2.   If you had the subscription version there should be no problem.   If the perpetual version if your activation credentials are still intact installing CS6 on top of CS6  I would think would install the perpetual version.  In any case I think you best course of action would be to download the CS6 direct installer and install using that for the Creative Desktop application may thing CS6 is installed. Download CS6 products